Our Journey

What started out as a simple transaction soon ignited a world of curiosity.  

While he was up north visiting his grandma, Tim stopped at a local farmers market and spotted a rack full of coffee that had just been roasted that morning. The coffee was warm, and the delicious aroma filled the entire market. Tim couldn’t resist – he bought a bag of freshly roasted beans and was on his way. 

After his long drive home taking in the smell of the fragrant coffee, he got to wondering if he would be able to roast his own coffee beans. He poured thousands of hours into exploring his curiosity behind roasting coffee, from reading articles to watching YouTube videos. Then one day a small electric roaster popped up for sale on Kijiji from a local restaurant, and Tim snatched it up.  

After playing with it and coming up successful, Tim and Erin decided to give out freshly roasted coffee beans at their wedding. Their friends and family were unknowingly their very first test market, and the feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive. Word of mouth and social media should never be underestimated and a friendly post about this seemingly simple wedding favour led to Tim and Erin's first major sale!  

Since that day, Tim and Erin have participated in many craft shows, seasonal trade shows, fairs, and festivals. Their educational journey has taken them to intense coffee roasting courses in Minneapolis, barista and coffee business training in Toronto at the Canadian Barista Academy, CoffeeFest NYC, and even them to a local coffee farm in Costa Rica.  

They are members of the Kitchener Waterloo Coffee Collective and the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).  

Tim and Erin reside in Waterford, Ontario, and are proud parents to a wonderful little girl.  

FUN FACT: Their first official sale was during a Waterford town wide yard sale, when Erin decided to put a table at the end of their driveway and see if the passersby would be interested in purchasing coffee. They still have the $10 bill!  

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