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The Belching Barista Coffee Co.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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Experience the bold and balanced flavour of Belching Barista's Costa Rica Roast Coffee! This medium-dark roast has a rich, fruity overtone that's reminiscent of biting into a freshly picked coffee cherry. With its complex flavour profile, it's a coffee that truly showcases what coffee can offer.

This "strictly high-grown" coffee is sourced from the lush rainforests of Costa Rica and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring sustainable and ethical farming practices. Its tasting notes include juicy fruit, bright acidity, and sweet caramel with a cherry finish.

Whether you prefer a hot cup or a refreshing cold brew, Belching Barista's Costa Rica Roast Coffee will not disappoint. So why not treat yourself to a cup today and savour the delightful taste of this beautiful country?

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